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Premium Shou Sugi Ban Charred Wood Products
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Feature Walls | Paneling | Table Tops | Siding
Decking | Fencing | Wall Art
Rediscovered: Historic Japan's Best Kept Secret Is A Modern Day Miracle...
The Charring Technique Known As 'Shou Sugi Ban' Seals & Preserves Wood Protecting It From The Elements-- 
With No Maintenance Required!
This charred wood, centuries old still stands today-- with little or no maintenance at all. 
We're continuing this ancient tradition bringing you premium interior and exterior charred wood products including:
Custom Feature Walls
Exterior Siding
Fence Boards
Wall & Ceiling Cladding
Kitchen Cabinets
Some Of The Benefits Include:
  • Moisture Resistance & Wood Pore Sealing From The Charring Process
  •  Prevents Rot & Decay From Forming
  •  Zero Or Low Maintenance (Depending On Finish)
  •  Immune To Termites, Fungus, & Other Insects
  •  Undeniably Rich Aesthetics
  •  Pleasant & Peaceful Natural Aroma
  •  Extreme Longevity (100+ Years) Against Natural Forces
  •  Environmentally Sustainable
  •  Real, Authentic Premium Quality Wood 
Interior Products
Feature Walls & Interior Cladding
Contact us if you have an idea that you'd like to see through using charclad products.
Head Office
430 Hazeldean, Kanata
Our signature feature walls are our staple interior offering. Whether you looking to accent an area in your home or business, this is arguably the most sophisticated way to showcase your bold artistic flavours.
Skin Revival
3171 Strandherd, Barrhaven
Use charclad paneling for walls, ceilings, bars, etc. We will help you with a custom design, or simply purchase boxes of your favourite finishes and creatively build a wall yourself.
    Guest Bedroom
    Private Residence, Ottawa South
    Common places for feature walls: office reception, boardrooms, fireplace, master bedroom, basement wall-- charclad is the perfect way to impress guests at home, or clients in your office. 
    Custom Wall Art
    Private Residence, Laval
    If you don't have a full wall you want to cover with our cladding, you can still display the natural beauty of charred wood in your space with our wall art options. This is art with no limitations.
    Table Tops, Benches, & Kitchen Cabinets
    Contact us if you have an idea that you'd like to see through using charclad premium charred wood.
    Burn & Brush "Naked" Finish Coffee Table Done In Western Red Cedar
     Continue the Japanese shou sugi ban tradition alive right on your handmade custom finished table top. These are beautifully textured table tops with a story to share unlike any other furniture. 
    Custom Dimensions Record Stand In Burn & Brush "Naked" Finish Made With Western Red Cedar
    With a handful of our own designs, we don't always take on custom work... But we gladly made the exception for a returning customer who was one among the first to purchaser form our young company.
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      "Char Classic" Finish Coffee Table Done In Douglas Fir
      Treat yourself to the most unique coffee table you'll ever own-- one that has been completely burnt! Whether you opt for the 'Char Classic' finish or burnt and brushed to a custom colour, this is guaranteed to be a conversation piece in your home or business.
      Burn & Brush "Naked" Finish Foyer Bench Done In Western Red Cedar
      Simple, practical, and absolutely ravishing display of natural beauty. Our benches are always a crowd favourite at trade shows and events-- order yours today and indulge in a conversation piece that walks the line between art and functionality.
      Follow our Instagram page to never miss a post or our special offers:
      We Are Always Adding New Products To Our Catalog
      Contact us if you have a custom design in mind using charclad premium charred wood.
      Exterior Products
      Siding & Exterior Cladding
      Contact us if you have an idea that you'd like to see through using charclad products.
      Western Red Cedar Siding
      Want a low maintenance deck that is made of real wood, and boasts natural beauty? Look no further-- we offer decking in Western Red Cedar, Accoya, and Siberian Larch.
      Accoya "Char Classic" Cladding
      Accoya is a acetylated pine that makes it extremely dense and comes with a 50 year guarantee outside, as well as 25 years underwater. Our charring process adds to the sealing protection-- not to mention is looks absolutely ravishing...
        Exterior Grade "White Wash" Finish On Our Signature Western Red Cedar Shiplap Profile
        Popular feature walls areas: office reception, boardrooms, fireplace, master bedroom, basement wall-- charclad is the perfect way to impress guests at home, or clients in your workplace. 
        "Naked" Western Red Cedar From Our Burn & Brush Line
        Shou sugi ban allows for some pretty cool colours, but some prefer the natural wood tone after charring. This finish will gray over time, but hard grains stay black and still showcases a beautiful zebra stripe look.
        Decking & Fence Boards
        Contact us if you have an idea that you'd like to see through using charclad products.
        Charred Burn & Brush Western Red Cedar Deck Floor
        Want a low maintenance deck that is made of real wood, and boasts natural beauty? Look no further-- we offer decking in Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, and Accoya.
        Horizontally Installed Fence Boards Produced In "Char Classic" Finish Texture
        Match your charred wood deck with a shou sugi ban fence. This will be even easier to maintain as the surface is vertical and more protected from the elements. Note that Burn & Brush textured colours will fade even with UV protection over time, wheres Char Classic will maintain its colour, but will flake in time.  
          Custom Watershed Deck Floor Profile On Siberian Larch
          Siberian larch grows in climates even more severe than here in Canada. The grains look similar to that of cedar, but the wood is extremely dense due to its five month growth period and harsh seven month winters. 

          **Please allow 3 month timeframe from order to period delivery if not in stock.** 
          Property Fence, Random Stacked Panel Design
          Dare to be creative and unleash your bold artistic expression using charclad premium products. Guaranteed to to stand and get noticed.
          Both Char Classic and Burn & Brush finishes are available to be made in fence boards. Mix finishes to create patterns or choose your favourite texture and have it designed for a unison look throughout.
          We Are Always Adding New Products To Our Catalog
          Contact us if you have a custom design in mind using charclad premium charred wood.
          Choose From Our Plush Finishes
          Char Classic Collection
          Char Classic is available from light to deep degrees charring and looks different with each species of wood.
          Western Red Cedar
          Douglas Fir
          Cedar (Blackened)
          Reburn Collection
          Reburn is exactly how it sounds: charred, brushed, charred again. (Char Classic and Burn & Brush combined.)
          Western Red Cedar
          Doulgas Fir
          Cedar (Deep Brush)
          Burn & Brush Collection
          Burn & Brush gets deep charred then brushed, scooping away the charry layer creating a zebra pattern and texture.
          Black Gold
          Rich Tone
          White Wash
          Black Forest
          Fading Sky
          Burnt Oak
          Winter Gray
          Colour Pop Series
          Sample Packs Available Now-- FREE Shipping!
          Not sure which finish you like best? Order a sample pack to select which charclad style you like best before buying!
          Purchase A Sample Pack Today And Get It Shipped For FREE!
          •  Match colours and create custom combinations
          •  Confirm which wood species you like best
          •  Experience the various charclad wood textures
          •  Bask in the elegant fragrance of premium charred wood!
          Reasons To Buy Sample Packs...
          •   Decide which wood species, texture, and colour you like best
          •  Combine colours and match to your current space
          •  Discover the best wood profile for your project
          •  Bask in the elegant fragrance of our premium charred wood!
          Live In Ottawa? Visit Our Showroom!
          Get all details right from the source! Visit us in person for even more inspiration and see some finished products.
          3344 Rideau Road
          Unit E1-44
          Ottawa, ON, K1G3N4
          Call (or text!) to make sure we're at the shop when you stop by in case we're giving quotes, delivering, etc.
          Exterior Charred Wood Products & Building Materials
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          •  Decking
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          •  Pergolas
          •  Docks
          •  Architectural Charred Wood Art
          Interior Charred Wood Products & Building Materials
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          •  Cladding & Paneling
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          •  Sliding Barn Doors
          •  Table Tops
          •  Benches
          •  Kitchen Cabinets
          •  Custom Charred Wood Art
          •  Wall Art
          Visit our showroom and experience charclad products in person! The beautiful natural aroma of charred wood is one of the best features of our shop :)
          Don't see the product or building material you want? Contact us to see if we can be of help and do a custom project with you!
          Our Process
          1. Premium Wood Selection
          We hand pick every piece of wood for the most attractive grain patterns and use only premium wood species including Western Red Cedar, Accoya, Douglas Fir, and Siberian Larch (depending on interior/exterior application, etc.)
          2. Deep Charring
          Deep charring is the most important step in achieving our signature 'Char Classic' texture. Adequate charring is also crucial for our 'Burn & Brush' line to ensure the hard grains are fully blackened before brushing.
          [ Note: 'Char Classic' finish skips to step 5 ]
          3. Brushing
          Brushing is the step that scoops out the soft wood in between the hard grains creating a contrasting 'zebra' pattern. These deep grooves show off the natural wood grains creating a satisfying texture. Each board is brushed twice-- once in each direction. 
          This step is used for both our 'Burn & Brush' and 'Reburn' collections using our brush machine or by hand for areas that can't be reached by machine.
          4. Staining
          After brushing, a stain can be applied to colour the soft grains while the hard grains stay black for that distinguished shou sugi ban look. Stains can be solid, semi-transparent, or transparent depending on desired finish or interior/exterior application. 
          5. Protective Clear Coat
          Lastly, we apply clear coats to protect it from damage, UV rays, and to prevent your fingers from turning black from char. Various different products are used to seal depending on finish texture and interior vs exterior use. 
          Installation Services
          We offer installation services to the Ottawa and surrounding area. 

          A dedicated team is trained for interior installs. Local partners certified to install exterior siding, build or resurface decks, fences, etc. are available at request.
          Interior Feature Wall Install Video

          1) Prep:

          Cover wall with black landscape fabric so any potential space between cladding will be dark/shadowed. (Black paint is an alternative, but more costly and time consuming.)

          2) Install:

          Cut wood cladding into different lengths installing with a Brad nailer one row at a time to account for perfect lengths. We went for a randomized look for style and efficiency to reduce the amount of leftover wood. 
          The #1 Question We Get Asked...
          "Will it flake off and make my fingers black when I touch it?"
          The Answer:
          It Depends.
          The Answer:
          It Depends.
          Here Are Some Reason Why Our Products May Or May Not Flake:
          charclad is a real, authentic, natural wood product and some woods are more fragile than others after the charring process. 
          The finish texture is the biggest factor in flaking. Our Burn & Brush finish won't flake at all as the charry layer has already been scooped away. The peeling will only come from various forms of our Char Classic finish.
          We use different protective coats such as polyurethanes, oils, sealers, and resins depending on the application (interior, exterior, high vs low traffic, etc.) and each has its own unique characteristics.
          Flaking will also depend on the level of maintenance you execute after product purchase/installation/etc. Some of our offerings are completely maintenance free, whereas others may hold their appearances longer with regular care (again, depending on wood species and type of project.)  
          Here's Three Ways To Achieve Our "Char Classic" Look Without Peeling
          1) Denser Wood
          Western Red Cedar is a popular choice in our product line, but it is also one more pron to flaking due to its softness. Our densest option is Accoya wood, where you can still have Char Classic finish with no flaking whatsoever.  
          2) Reverse Burn & Brush
          Reverse Burn & Brush, or Reburn, is another finish texture to consider for no peeling. This is where the wood has been brushed before charring again but only until all the wood is blackened allowing for both the hard grains to give texture, as well as some natural crackles from the charring process. This finish works best using Douglas Fir and Accoya wood.
          3) Lesser Charred Finish
          Lastly, we can simply char the wood to a lesser degree.  You may be disappointed with settling for a basic 'blackened' look in attempt to compensate for less flakiness if it's the crackly charred finish you wanted. (The wood may look simply stained without any char crackling, etc.)
          More Frequently Asked Questions
          What is shou sugi ban?
          Shou sugi ban (also known as yakisugi) is an ancient Japanese wood preserving technique performed by charring the outer layer of wood. This process is proven to prevent moisture, rot, insects, or re-combustion from damaging the wood. Traditional practice for this exterior wood protection consists of burning wood followed by oiling as a protecting coat.
          What wood species does charclad use?
          At charclad we only use premium wood and hand pick them ourselves for the most attractive grain patterns. We typically char Western Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir, and Accoya, with Cypress and Siberian Larch available by special order.
          What maintenance schedule is required of charclad products?
          Exterior siding shou sugi ban still remains today on buildings cladded 150+ years ago in Japan. Oil or sealer reapplications are recommended as regular maintenance, however, the Char Classic exterior finish can literally be left after installation as a zero maintenance product.

          Interior wall cladding products should last indefinitely and require nothing more than regular dusting. Flooring would need to be maintained depending on traffic as with any interior wood floor (either re-oiling or polyurethane coats depending on original floor finish.)
          How fast can I expect my order?
          Depending on the size of job, total order volume, and where you are located, you can expect to wait 3-4 weeks for your order. If you have custom colours or a large order, it may take longer to process before shipping/delivery.
          **For interior wall cladding, it is important to budget 1-2 weeks for the wood to climatize in desired room before installation.**
          Does charred wood smell bad?
          Absolutely not! Our premium charred wood have a gentle, charming fragrance-- in fact we get compliments all the time! The wood species we use are far superior to the wood you burn at a typical campfire. Different woods; different aroma.
          How long must I wait after receiving charclad products before installation?
          All charclad products authentic wood pieces-- understand this is a natural material that shrinks and expands in humidity and temperature variance. Exterior products can be installed immediately, whereas interior products must allow for climatization for 1-2 weeks prior to installation for best results. 
          Does charclad provide installation services?
          If you are located in the Ottawa and surrounding area, we are able to provide interior installation at this time. We have partnerships with some local builders and installers for exterior services such as siding, decks, and fences. Each project will be considered on an individual basis to determine the best installation team for the job.
          What is the difference between Char Classic,Burn & Brush,and Reburntextures?
          Our signature 'Char Classic' finish keeps its charred exterior-- almost resembling alligator skin. Our ' Burn & Brush' finishes have been scooped after charring in order to be stained. The hard grains stay black, giving the wood a "tiger stripe" finish. Finally, 'Reburn' is a combination of the other two textures-- the wood gets brushed before charring allowing the grains to literally pop while still getting blackened and some potential crackling as well. *Reburn typically works best with Douglas Fir and Accoya wood*
          How can I order charclad products?
          Simply click on the button to have us contact you and take your order or reach us directly via phone or email. Commonly, people start with purchasing a sample pack to decide on the wood species, texture, and colour before placing an order. You can also visit us at our workshop, but we suggest you call ahead to make sure we're around to meet you in case you visit us while meeting with other clients, doing deliveries, etc. 

          *We are working on getting an online store setup for easy purchase potential.*  

          The charclad Story
          Markian Simon Pergat
          How charclad Came To Be
          After 10 years of seasonal exterior wood restoration, I was looking to expand the business throughout the Canadian winter months. I wanted a better way to protect wood right from the start-- and that's when I discovered shou sugi ban by accident. I fell in love with this natural, and sustainable Japanese method of wood preservation and pursued immediately.
          Shou sugi ban wood charring appeals to me in so many ways... Both practical and lavishing-- wood finishing was always an interest of mine, but this is something infinitely more special than that. It's art.
          People are attracted to beautiful things. Natural, decorative charred wood is one of those things you can’t help but want to be close to. It’s authentic. No two pieces of wood are the same. Shou sugi ban expresses a bold artistic statement without saying a single word.
          The Future Of charclad
          Whether it's an expression of sophistication with a feature wall, or premium low maintenance siding for the outdoors, we are devoted to delivering the absolute best charred wood products.
          Our team continues to work with architects, interior designers, home and business owners to realize truly stimulating charred wood designs for a bold style that can only charclad can provide.
          We are real people who are devoted to helping you make the best purchase decision for your unique needs. Submit the form below or contact us directly to discuss your unique project.
          We are real people who are devoted to helping you make the best purchase decision for your unique needs. 

          Submit the form below or contact us directly to discuss your unique project.
          (Call or text available)
          3344 Rideau Road
          Unit E1-44
          Ottawa, ON, K1G 3N4
          Have You charcladed Your Style Yet?
          Have You charcladed Your Style Yet?
          (Call or text available)
          3344 Rideau Road
          Unit E1-54
          Ottawa, ON, K1G 3N4
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